Temple Beth Sholom and MetroWest Jewish Day School (MWJDS) have teamed up with support from Gateways: Access to Jewish Education to create CHESED of MetroWest. CHESED stands for Community Hebrew Special Education. CHESED of MetroWest offers Hebrew school programming designed for students with moderate special needs to students and families in MetroWest Boston.

The CHESED of MetroWest program is a spin off of the Gateways Sunday School and B’nei Mitzvah programs. The Gateways Sunday School and B’Nei Mitzvah programs are offered in Newton and have been very successful. However, distance and traffic have made these programs more difficult for Metrowest families to access them. MWJDS and Temple Beth Sholom have teamed up to offer the program in Framingham to make the benefits of this program available to the Metrowest Jewish community.

The Sunday Program offers a thematic Jewish education curriculum to students ages 8-15 who benefit from highly structured programming, individualized attention and small class sizes.. Special education teachers utilize visual supports and differentiated instruction to present a multisensory curriculum that includes Jewish holidays, Torah stories, and Hebrew, as well as Jewish culture and traditions. Creative arts and music are included each week. Classes take place on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 12 noon. All classes take place at Temple Beth Sholom of Framingham.

The B’nei Mitzvah Program prepares students with special needs for their bar/bat mitzvah with a combination of individual tutoring, classroom activities and a weekly prayer service. Our onsite reading specialist customizes lessons for each child and our experienced special education teachers plan lessons that teach specific B’nei Mitzvah and Synagogue skills. CHESED staff also work in conjunction with the student’s rabbi and synagogue to help prepare a successful B’nei Mitzvah. The B’nei Mitzvah Preparation Program is for students ages 11-13 years, and meets on Wednesday afternoons from 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM at Temple Beth Sholom of Framingham.

To enroll or for additional information about the CHESED of MetroWest program, please contact Geri Segel at 508-877-2540 x203 or leadteacher@beth-sholom.org.