December 2017

When I think about what to write for my monthly Ruchenu article, I sometimes reflect on the prior month’s Board of Trustees meeting.  The November meeting was of particular note since the Board voted on the 2017-2018 Nominating Committee members.  This committee will consist of 7 congregants that will not only nominate some new Board of Trustees members but also will nominate the next Executive Board!  Is it truly possible that we’re getting ready for the next Executive Board?  I checked my calendar and see that only 6 months remain in my presidency: I better start getting those campaign promises done!

The Nominating Committee will be led by our Immediate Past President, John Herrera, contain 4 Board of Trustee members; Michael Bloom, Evie Kintzer-Shorey, Norma Kramer, and Wendy Siet and 2 “congregants-at-large”; Lee Bauer and Ruthann Ruthfield.   Thank you all for volunteering and helping mold our future.

Another happening that I’m very excited about is a new feature section in the Ruchenu called “Dear Yenta”!  Temple members can submit their Judaism/TBS related question(s) to Yenta to get answered.   Of course due to the high demand of letters we’re expecting, not every letter can be published every month.   Congregants can sign their questions with a handle such as “Sim Shalom Lover” or “Quiet Davener” if they don’t want their names published.

You can access “Dear Yenta” via the web-site’s “Contact Us” tab.   Look for the first section in this month’s Ruchenu!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our Strength-to-Strength campaign is going on.  If you haven’t been contacted yet and want to ensure that you get your tax deduction for 2017, you can make your donation online.

Dave Levinson