Caring Volunteers

“Beth Sholom Caring Volunteers” provide caring, supportive and welcoming services to members of our congregation. By doing for others, Caring Volunteers embody the essence of Beth Sholom as a Temple concerned for the needs and well being of all of its members.

Caring Volunteers attend to the needs of all segments of the congregation. Key elements of the program include welcoming new members into the community and the congregation, providing assistance to members who are infirm or temporarily disabled, attending to needs of shut-ins and members who are in hospital or rehabilitation, and, in general, providing prompt and attentive response to urgent situations. In addition to offering emotional support and strengthening the connection between the Temple and the members, Caring Volunteers expect to be able to provide home and hospital visits, maintain frequent telephone contact, deliver meals prepared by Caring Volunteers at the Temple’s kosher kitchen, offer transportation to appointments, and help with arrangements in festive or emergency or unexpected life cycle events. The Caring Volunteers program is conducting a survey of Temple members to identify potential needs and to solicit additional suggestions for the enriching the program.

The Caring Volunteers are seeking members who are eager to participate in these important and rewarding activities. No particular skills or talents are required other than a desire to enhance the well being of others in need. Any necessary training will be provided by Jewish Family Services.

Prospective Caring Volunteers: You do not need to wait to be contacted! Please call the Temple Office at (508) 877-2540 x405 and leave your name, number and, if available, your email address and you will receive a prompt call back.