Adult Education

Adult Education

At Temple Beth Sholom, education does not end with religious school. Our congregation offers lifelong learning with a variety of formal and informal opportunities for adults. Through traditional scheduled classes, Shabbat dialogues, educational trips, films and lecture series, congregants can explore many aspects of Jewish learning from Bible, textual study and history to film criticism and Israel. Weekday classes with the rabbi provide an opportunity to engage in intellectual inquiry and expression.

Temple Beth Sholom is a Hebrew College Meah site for the community with over twenty of our own congregants participating in this intensive program of one-hundred hours of Jewish learning. In cooperation with Northeastern University’s Judaic Studies Department, we have a year long program bringing NEU scholars to select Friday evening services. In the Spring, we host a Weekend of Learning featuring a noted scholar in residence.

We welcome you to contact us for further information. News about all our events are available in our weekly emails to you and on our website.  Come join us.

Adult Education Opportunities 2022

Between the Lines of Bereishit
Wednesday mornings 10am -11am

What did Cain say to Abel? How did all the animals fit in the Ark? Where did Isaac go after the Akeidah?

Study Midrashim of Bereishit in Rabbi Poirier’s Wednesday morning Adul Ed class. Free. All are welcome. RSVP to Rabbi Poirier for Zoom link.

Scholar in Residence: Dr. Rachel B. Gross
Sponsored by Jack Bushinsky, in memory of Nancy Bushinsky
Shabbat, Friday & Saturday, December 16 & 17
Registration for this event has closed.

Friday Evening at Kabbalat Shabbat
Feeling Jewish: Nostalgia and American Jewish Religion

American Jews have increasingly told nostalgic stories about Eastern European Jewish immigration to the United States
at the turn of the twentieth century. In her book “Beyond the Synagogue: Jewish Nostalgia as Religious Practice”,
religious studies professor Rachel B. Gross examines American Jewish longing for the past expressed through artisanal
delis, picture books, historic synagogues, and Jewish genealogy.

Saturday Morning Lunch and Learn
Referendum on the Deli Menu: American Jewish Religion and the Deli Revival
Accompanied by Deli Kiddush Lunch.

In appreciation, donations in support of this event in Nancy’s memory will benefit the TBS Adult Education fund.