Israel Action Committee

Israel 21c / Hear and Now

Formed in the Fall of 2006, the Israel Action Committee will be an exclusive news dispenser, educator, and pro-Israel activist group.

This website, “Hear and Now,” features a scrolling headline “ticker” (above) with up-to the-minute links to news and information about Israel from various news sources around the world. You may customize the news ticker to display headlines on specific topics by entering a keyword into the “Filter Headlines” search box (e.g. to find out what’s happening in Gaza, enter “gaza” in the filter search box.)

Check the Links tab for links to your favorite organizations. Just added: Streaming video Jerusalem TV in English. A must for on-going Israel news!

Of special importance is Israel21c, featuring the reality of Israel beyond the conflict. While we all support Israel in her struggle for existence, little media attention is brought to the value she has brought to the world since statehood in 1947. Our daily lives are impacted by the cell phone, text messaging, even a pill with a camera that when swallowed can aid in medical GI examinations, and on-and-on. All this technology has been developed in Israel. This is an Israel to be proud of. Israel is a nation in the forefront of technology and medicine. Nearly all global companies maintain creative facilities in Israel. Please check out the Israel21c website. You will be amazed at what you will learn. Spread the Word, this is “Israelity.” Israel of the 21st century.

We are very pleased to perform this service and hope you will use this site often. Your feedback and comments will be appreciated.