March 2018

Can Spring really be just around the corner? This Winter was certainly tough on our parking lot and the Garden of Meditation. I had a chance to walk around the outside perimeter and was excited to start planning for a big clean-up so we can begin using more of our outdoor space. We will start filling in pot holes and clearing away dead branches as soon as weather permits. The rain has also washed away a lot of soil and we will plan to refill some bare spots.

Spring is also budget season. The budget committee will be diligently putting together a budget that will be brought to the Board at the April and May meetings. The budget will then be brought to the congregation at the June congregational meeting. I’m happy to let you know that our current budgetary plan has been proceeding almost perfectly with no unforeseen expenses coming in. Revenue has also shown us no surprises.

Lastly, please don’t forget about our Strength to Strength celebration coming up on Sunday March 18th and our congregational dinner this month! I hope to see everyone there!