May 2019

When I first joined the TBS Board, I became a member of the Education Committee. My children were in the Religious School at the time, so it was a way for me to deepen my connection with TBS while learning about and supporting my children’s needs and interests.  They loved TBS religious school, just as our children today love their religious school classes. Then, as now, we struggle with class size.  “How can we attract more children to our Religious School” has been a constant refrain, and not just at TBS. Other Religious Schools, even those affiliated with the Reform movement, are asking the same question.

One thing you may have noticed at TBS if you’re in the building during the week, is the sound of children. It’s a wonderful thing to have 60 children in our building increasing their love of Judaism on a daily basis. The MetroWest Jewish Day School is a pluralistic preK-8 school that provides a dynamic individualized approach to learning, both Jewish as well as secular subjects.

I love visiting all of the classes held at TBS because what I notice when I’m around young people is their curiosity and their energy, their energy to ask questions and learn new things, their approach to life, and how they think.  It’s contagious – they make me think about things in new and different ways. They open up my mind. They keep us young.

You may have read last month about the 29-year-old woman Katie Bouman who led the development of a computer program that made the history-making first-ever image of a black hole possible. This is a real scientific breakthrough. And I think TBS will experience a real spiritual breakthrough when our new 28-year old woman Rabbi Allison Poirier takes the helm in two months!

The future is our youth – their ideas, their energy, their spirit is open and positive, it’s good for the soul, and that’s what we need for TBS’s future. Let’s work together to make the future what we want it to be! Think about what moves you and how you want to get involved, where do you want to lend your energy and curiosity to help us lead TBS into our future?

Evie Kintzer Shorey, President