June 2019

This month, we bid a fond farewell to our cantor, Rav-Hazzan Scott Sokol, who for many wonderful years has led us in prayer and song, helping us find our spirituality, delighting us with his musical abilities and versatility, and teaching us about our Judaism. I still wonder how we lucked out when he moved from Brookline to Framingham. We thank him for bringing his talents and wonderful extended family into our TBS lives. We look forward to welcoming them all back for Rosh Hashana!

We also say lehitraot to our rabbi, Rabbi Gordon, who has led us through this year with his wisdom, teachings, and support to help us find our path to the future. So many of us have been touched by his knowledge of the history of the Jewish people, his life stories, and his commitment to the breadth and depth of Conservative Judaism and it’s import to our lives. We are so thankful he introduced us to his wife Lori who brought her own teachings and stories to the betterment of our synagogue.  We hope to welcome you back to TBS again soon!

We also say Mazel Tov and good bye to Jessica Lowenthal Weber, our rabbinical intern who we can now call Rabbi Lowenthal Weber. Jessica shared many interesting D’varim with us, often making a connection between the Parshah and current events, bringing the Torah to life and making it relevant in our lives. And we got to welcome a new baby boy along the way. We wish her (and her family) all the best in her new pulpit in Melrose.

What a time of change for all of us at Temple Beth Sholom! A time to huddle together, to embrace each other, and to work together to welcome in the change. As we look for Spring to end and Summer to begin, so must TBS move forward in its lifecycle. This is not a time to retreat, but a time to engage and sow your seeds by making your voice heard. We welcome you, we invite you, we need you.

Please join me, the officers, and other Board members as we look forward to welcoming Rabbi Allison Poirier to TBS – her first Shabbat on the bimah will be Friday July 12. Join us and see what change can mean for our community.

Reach out any time about any subject. Eviekintzer@gmail.com  We will embrace you with open arms.

Evie Kintzer Shorey, President