September 2019

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the very warm welcome you have extended to me and my family in our first months here at Temple Beth Sholom. We already feel so at home here, and are settling into our new house, neighborhood, and community.

I am enjoying getting to know all of you and learning about all the things that make this community special. I bet you already know that the “Sholom” part of Temple Beth Sholom means “peace,” but did you know that it comes from the word that means “complete” or “whole?” The idea is that we are truly at peace when we are complete, when we are able to bring our whole selves to the community. I have found this is a very good description of the TBS community. We have folks of all ages engaged in many different activities, from our challah bake to our adult education to our softball team, there are so many different ways to engage the many facets of your Jewish identity at TBS. I am thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community, to enhance and broaden the programs we have to offer.

With this in mind, we have many exciting programs coming up on our calendar. I hope you will join me in many of the upcoming events. First, I am eager to begin studying with the Wednesday Morning Adult Ed class, which will investigate the topic of Jewish Bioethics, beginning on September 4th. I’m also looking forward to the Open House we are co-sponsoring with MWJDS on September 15th, please come and bring your friends. I am also excited about my Installation on September 20th, Torah on Tap beginning September 19th, and Prospective Members Shabbat on November 8th. These will all be excellent opportunities for us to spend time with one another, and to welcome new friends to our community. I can’t wait to see you there!

Rabbi Allison Poirier